Sorry, I know that I have been MIA for the longest time. I am also busy making a website project for my university so that has taken most of my time (since it is on another platform, so it's super difficult to understand). And I also celebrated my birthday! 

turning 25....

So 25, a quarter of a century, half way to 50. However you want to say it. WOW. I am really starting to feel old. Not only do the hangovers get worse but my god! every minute I am getting closer to 30. This has really got me to thinking where I am in my life and where I thought I would be now... lets just say that I am not there. 

When I graduated I really thought I would be planning a wedding by now... but no. Single and ready to mingle is the motto I live by. 25 sounds old but to be honest I do not feel old. I am a modern woman so I guess that I am not worried about finding my 'Mr. Big', he will come when he comes. 

When I was 18, I thought that I would be planning a wedding, maybe pregnant, maybe working or I don't know. But instead this is what I have accomplished: 

  • I lived alone for a year in Shanghai, China. 
  • I started studying a few times before I settled on something. 
  • I dated numerous idiot, and gained a lot of experience. 
  • Lived in Morocco for a year. 
  • Had an abusive relationship. 
  • Worked hard for 2 years. 
  • Learned to love myself. 

I mean, I have always lived my life to the extremes. I won't do something halfway, so for what I have lived through I think that at 25, I am right where I should be. We all have different paths to follow.