vitamin SEA

So waking up this morning and knowing that I am leaving tomorrow was probably the best feeling ever. 

Even though I am not looking forward to have two six hour flights (!!), I am looking forward to that wonderful feeling of sand in between my toes. As mentioned, I cannot pack - but how hard is it?! 


My checklist for packing:

  • Bikinis (I think I packed 15)
  • Sun Dresses (like 10)
  • Shorts 
  • Shirts 
  • Evening Dresses 
  • Shoes ( Still haven't decided which ones to take) 
  • Toiletry Bag (This is hard)
    • toothbrush and toothpaste 
    • day/night cream 
    • make-up bag (don't get me started)
    • hair straightener 
    • lady products (yay! I hope you can read the irony in that)
  • PJ's (First thing I packed since it is always the thing I forget)
  • Sun-screen (all kinds of SPF - and of course aftersun) 

And How can I forget the most important things:

  • Passport (I know what I have it, surprisingly!) 
  • Computer (MUST) 
  • Big and small camera 
  • + all the charging cables (urrgh!)

OK, I think I have forgotten something, because I still do not feel ready, but luckily I still have 24 hours before leaving for the airport. Stressed. I have also started vlogging this packing process that I want to make into a video (like the whole trip) so that you guys can experience the beautiful island of Mauritius with me! 

#snapchat #sorrymom

So have a super day! 

Lots of kisses from sunny Brussels!