Dear Readers, 

I am terribly sorry for the horrible blogging in February, I have no excuse! But I promise it will not happen again. 

I have taken a big decision: to start vlogging! I wont vlog every day but I am counting on having videos up 1-3 times a week (depending on how exciting my weeks are). I am super excited about this and I have started looking at how to edit videos and started playing around with that. 

So since it is Carnival Break I feel the need to get away! And this is the reason I love living in Europe, you can just pack up your things and leave since everything is so close.  

Tomorrow we are heading to Amsterdam for a girls trip! And I believe that this the perfect moment to start vlogging! Anyways, so I have been trying to pack for this little trip (4 days, 3 nights) and I have no idea what to bring and of course I finished packing and then checked the weather and of course I did not pack for rain - so 12 hours before leaving and I have to re-pack! Super!!!! 


I hope to be able to post a small video tomorrow, but if not there will be hundreds of pictures! 


Anyways, have to re-pack!