About getting older and where I thought I would be. 

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p a r a d i s e

First video!!!!!

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hi from paradise

I neve want to leave! 

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J - 3

The initial countdown have FINALLY begun! 

In three days I will be strolling the white sandy beaches of sunny Île Maurice. Even though the flight is a bit of a hassle, it will all be worth it when I arrive to 30 degree weather, blue skies and sun. 

Villa Lorraine

Simple Tuesday night dinner with wagyu beef and a truffle salad at the beautiful brasserie of Villa Lorraine. Like my parents have always told me, I never do something half way, it's all the way or nothing at all. Last night we celebrated my fathers 59th birthday, and since my mother is away playing golf and my brother is in England, I had the honour of going to dinner with my dad. 


Being back in Brussels feels a little grey, and what is the best way to spice up your life? Good food! 

BÅGL is a delicious little gem in the Tron area (not far from the Parliament). They serve a variety of different bagels and salads, the next one more delicious than the first. It is the best place to go for a quick lunch between classes. It is just the right portion, and you have the choice on a big variety of bagel breads, to really make your bagel unique. If ever you are in the neighbourhood pop in and grab a bagel! 


Connected to the Conservatorium Hotel you will find this gem: Taiko. This is a chic cosmopolitan restaurant with a contemporary Japanese menu that will make your taste buds feel like they are cloud9. The surroundings are surreal and the ambiance is unforgettable, this is a must see in Amsterdam!

b l u s h i n g

The cutest little cafe/restaurant for lunch or snack place right in the centre of Amsterdam. Located right next to the Museumplein there is this cute little haven. Perfect for a coffee/juice/brunch/lunch. Their menu is not extravagant but simple and there is exactly what you will want to eat. We tried the salmon toast with fresh ruccola and lemon and the mushroom toast with truffle mayo, ruccola and mushrooms, and I only have one word: delicious! 


Dear Readers, 

I am terribly sorry for the horrible blogging in February, I have no excuse! But I promise it will not happen again. 

I have taken a big decision: to start vlogging! I wont vlog every day but I am counting on having videos up 1-3 times a week (depending on how exciting my weeks are). I am super excited about this and I have started looking at how to edit videos and started playing around with that. 

So since it is Carnival Break I feel the need to get away! And this is the reason I love living in Europe, you can just pack up your things and leave since everything is so close.  

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