t i n d e r

Social Media. We swear by it today. 

Social media has made our lives close to impossible! I am the first one to admit that (and this is a sad fact) I live on it. I post my life on Instagram and Snapchat. This has both positive and negative consequences. Positive due to the fact that I get the chance to expand my relationships and I can achieve more with the posts that I make, but these can have very negative side-effects. Due to the fact that I share so much of my life (whether it is photos or videos) I create an image of myself, that might not correspond to who I am. In other words I am selling an image of what I want people to perceive me as. I have stated thinking about this recently due to the fact that I re-downloaded Tinder. Now, I think we (most young people, or not) have at least downloaded it ONCE. I think that Tinder is nothing to be ashamed of, it depends what you are looking to get from it. I guess it has gotten a bad image since people use it for hooking up, but I believe that it has a lot of different uses. 

And to be 100% honest, I mostly go on it for my own ego. To see how many people will match with my profile. I have always deleted this application due to the messages that I have received: they have just been plain vulgar. I mean obviously I do not have high expectations from Tinder and anyone that I meet on it, but I mean come on! Some guys should just go back to school to get some manners! I understand that you can not expect more from an application where you are told swipe left and right depending on the pictures and the description that are put out. You are given so little information about the other person, how can you know if you would like them or not depending on a picture?! You assume the other persons personality depending on what they have given you. And now when you can even attach your Instagram account to this the picture that you are building of yourself becomes even more distraught. 


But I do believe that this is how we go by our lives today. We are in such an international society and we are constantly meeting new people that we are constantly (without thinking about it) swiping left and right to people. Right if these are people that interest us and left to people that we have no interest of. And this doesn't only apply to our preferences in girls and boys or personal lives but also in our professional lives. The idea of Tinder has essentially been with us since the beginning of time, it is just that one (VERY) smart person realised that since we think like this, why not make application and make it even more easy for us to either accept or reject people. 

So I have decided to make a bit of a social experiment with this application. I have put myself out there and we will see what disastrous swamp animals I will manage to find, and see if any of them turn into princes (hmm....). 

So after re-downloading it for the third time (third time the charm), I am proud to say that I went on my first Tinder date! And it was not bad, but then I also chose someone that I have friends in common with - which helped I think. I mean it was really nice to meet someone new, that is outside of my usual friend group, but still knew people that I knew and actually sit and talk to someone who wants to get to know you. 

I really want to be able to put myself out there and have a second experience just to have something to compare it to. But this is something that will be continued!