So about last night... 

So what happens on a Friday night, will not be spoken about.

I think I have come to that point in my life where partying is fun, but it is no longer that fun. And I will probably get some snarky comments and huffs and puffs when people read this - but I am so over it. Night life and night clubs are so 2016 - but then again, I will still be going out - but not as much. I have decided that, starting with the rest of January, I will not be drinking any alcohol, coffee or cigarettes. To be honest, out of these three, coffee will be the hardest. 

Since I decided that this year I will not have resolutions, but rather have accomplishments, I would say that quitting smoking, coffee and drinking would be the next step. For alcohol, I could see myself drinking wine and champagne in the future but I really want to cut it out as much as possible. I've made up my mind that I want to become a healthier person and I will have to start somewhere. My idea is to quit, cold turkey, but we will see how it goes...

Coffee can be replaced with tea but for the others I am really scared of how I will react when I am out with friends. But I guess where there is a will, there is a way.  We all know that alcohol is bad for you but we still drink it, but I am curious as to how my body will change if I cut it out. Since I am going to the gym and starting to live a healthier lifestyle, I would like to see how my body and mind would change if I really only concentrate on being healthy. But I am still keeping alcohol as a "temporary" goal. 

Wish me luck! And I will keep you posted on how it goes.