Ok so, I have been thinking about where and how I should start this blog and I have come to the conclusion that the best way to attract an audience talk about relationships. I will not be sharing any sexual postings on this blog (not from my own life at least), due to the fact that I know that I know my mother reads this blog... And if you know my mother, I don't want her calling me 15 million times telling me to take something down. 

So yeah, this post will be about relationships... 

It's not secret that I am not the most innocent girl out there. I have had my fair share of relationships and some (very few were good) and the rest were... horrible. I have this condition that I tend to seek out the most closed off boy/man that I then try to build a relationship with. Attached to this condition I live in denial, it's like I see all the red flags but I refuse to admit them to myself. 

I have a feeling that finding relationships, or making them work, in today's society is harder than what is was 10 or so years ago. For some reason it feels like monogamy doesn't really exist. I, myself, don't know where I stand on the matter. I love the idea of monogamy, that there is this one person that is made for you, that is the missing part of the puzzle, the yin to your yang, but at the same time today we have so many different possibilities to meet and search for new people. There is Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.. All these applications are made too either keep contact, make new ones or search for new contacts. I think that what makes monogamy hard today; is that we are never happy with what we have - we always want more

Has monogamy become too much to expect? - Carrie Bradshaw

Even though these are my beliefs on monogamy, I am the biggest romantic I know. I live for love and I love to love. 

I think that today we want so many different things in a relationship due to the fact that we have so many more possibilities. While the girl wants to tie the guy down the guy wants to take it slow and see where it goes. I mean come on! I am 24 years old and I still do not understand what "taking it slow" means. I like labels, not designer labels (well them too), but labels like: friend, boyfriend, toy, fling, date, etc. This whole thing that we have stopped defining ourselves and just leaving it in the hands of fate does not work for me. Things need to be clear. Like lets take an example:

A while back I was seeing this guy; lets call him Bob, so we had been going out a couple of times, I met his friends and he met mine - I thought it was nothing too serious going on since we never defined what we were, even though I asked. Anyhow, time passes by and I started talking to this other guy as well, lets call him Dough. When Bob found out that I was seeing Dough he accused me of cheating, which, to this day I find so bizarre. For this reason I like things to be clear. You need titles and labels. 

For me its the same thing like if you study to get your PhD or doctoral degree so that you can be called Dr. McSteamy instead of just Mr. McSteamy. If you are putting down time and effort you should have labels. It just makes sense, it makes it easier for everyone. Labels seem to be too much to expect as well. 

Like, it was so much was so much easier when we were eight years old and we passed around notes in class, and all you had to do was tick a box - et voila in two seconds you had a boyfriend. Today we become friends, then we date, then we become complicated and then we make up some more excuses as to why we are not officially a couple yet. 

This is a subject that I can blab about for days, so it will most likely come up again, but for now I will put it to bed. 

Anyways now I am finishing off at work and then off to the gym!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!