Ok so lets get started! 


As I stated yesterday I am not calling my resolutions "resolutions" this year -  instead I am calling the goals and accomplishments. So as a small challenge I thought it would be fun to have an accomplishment a month, so in total have 12 small goals that I will reveal month by month. 

To start this year off - I am going to have the same aim as most of the people of there: to loose some of that extra flubber that I have been building up to keep me warm.. or not! I am not setting a ridiculous goal that I was to weigh 30 kilos, but I am simply making the goal out to be that I have to go to the gym 3-4 (4 is the real goal) times a week (no excuses). I have had the same resolution for years now: that every new year I am going to look X kgs. Now its over, now I just want to be healthy and start going to the gym on a regular basis and then the weight loss will from that. I really believe that the start is going to be the hardest month for this goal, until you truly get into the habit of doing to the gym.  

Anyways, I wish you all an amazing day!