Wow... do I not have a lot to say about rumours... I believe that I have been the subject in a lot and I have not help to spread quiet a few. Not going to lie.  


This, I can tell you it's going to be an on going subject in my blog, rumours have shaped my life. Since the age of 14 I've had rumours spreading about me. Whether they are true or not, people don't care. Lesson learned: when something bad happens to you, the news will be spread 100x faster than when something good happens to you.  This is something to live by, but only because you will do the same (don't lie). Rumours are amazing, they juice up your life. Until they happen to you. 

I created this blog because I want to tell the world about me, because I am 100% sure that there are girls out there like, or who have been put in positions where rumours have invented of them, that do not start to describe what actually happened. 

Rumours are horrible. And WHY I still help to spread them, I don't understand. They give the  juice to every conversation, no matter what age. PLEASE, for girls from the ages of 14-18, don't spread rumours about your friends. Rumours, if they are spread about you at that ages, whether you are parents talking or children talking to parents, you do not understand how you are about to influence that other persons life. 

I do not put any one to blame for my actions, because I believe that everyone has free will, BUT (!) I do believe that these rumours, that have been spread about me, have influenced the way I have acted. Instead of hating on everyone that has talked bad, or influenced rumours about me, I say THANK YOU. You made me the person I am today, and don't worry, this post is far from being finished, this is something that I need to vent about and things will come out when the time is right. People are scared of when I will let out on this blog, but as I have said since the start, no names will be named, this is just a space where I will tell my side of the story... there are two sides to every story and the truth. 


Chapter 1 of this RUMOURS will be up tomorrow. STAY POSTED. It is not going to get ugly, but I am starting MY story... JUICY!  

To all my friends and my parents (especially), and to everyone in my life, I love you, and thank you for making me who I am.