Ok so it is Monday, and in seven days it is Monday again… Joy.

I don’t know that the deal is with Monday’s, but I can never really seem to wake up and time just seems to stand still, and especially with this cold weather! So let’s think about something that makes us feel better! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and that no one did anything too stupid or reckless…

You will never guess what happened…

So Friday morning I go to take a shower and I realise that my apartment is colder than usual, but it was super early in the morning so I don’t really think more about it. So, I get into the shower, still half asleep, and realise that the heating didn’t work. Jumping into a cold shower is probably the worst wake up call ever! So then all of Friday I had to sit around and wait for the repair guy, and of course they say that they would come between 11:00 – 16:00 and they arrived at 17:30. So the whole day I was sitting inside my apartment, waiting. Apart from that my weekend was amazing. 



Today there won't be a fun post since I am working on the new layout and it is taking longer than planned, but tomorrow hopefully everything will be fixed and will be back to posting about everything that no one wants to talk about! 

Have a super Monday evening!