"He's not my boyfriend... He's just somebody I am trying on." - Carrie Bradshaw

So, I in no way want to make this blog some kind of men vs. women argument because I believe that men are equally as complex as women (if not more). If it has not been made obvious, I am taking a lot of my inspiration from Sex and the City, not only because I absolutely love the show but also because I feel that they touch upon subjects that almost everyone can relate to. 

I have a feeling that in every group of friends you try to define: who is Carrie? Who is Charlotte? Who is Samantha? Who is Miranda? I believe that most girls are not only one of these characters. The reason why we can relate to the TV show is because we see ourselves in all of the four women. And then there are certain attributes that stand out more than others, but then again... we can't all be the same... 


So... whats the deal with dating? 

Dating is something that I have never understood, and probably will never understand. When you date someone: Do you only date that person? Does that person only date you? Does that make him/her your boyfriend/girlfriend? Dating is something that I don't do because I don't understand the terminology, seeing as everyone seems to interpret it in a different way. For my it is simple; either we are boyfriend and girlfriend or we are just friends, voila! Easy.

Why invest the time and effort into someone who is simply there for the benefits of being a boyfriend/girlfriend but won't admit it. Today there are so many definitions and labels on what two people can be and it makes life so complicated! 

Like, I understand that you want to take someone out for drinks, dinner or a movie and get to know them before but what is the expiration date on that period? Like, how long is it acceptable to basically string someone along? 

I have been in this situation so many times, and it is the most awkward situation and feeling ever! You are starting to build trust and feelings for someone but you are not clear on what you are - since you are dating. Maybe, I am making this into a bigger deal that what it should be, but I really do not understand it! Life is complicated enough without the whole dilemma of dating

I think what confuses everyone when it comes to dating is that we all have an idea of what it should be in our heads; the boy should pick the girl up in a car (preferably with rose), he should open the door, they should have a candlelit dinner and music should be playing, etc... But in reality this is not what happens. I looked up the definition of dating on the Urban Dictionary and the most common definition is: a socially acceptable form of prostitution (!). It is defined as a courtship that is at the end rewarded. So then again, I am wrong. If this is the definition of dating then no wonder why the labels on relationships are so loose! 



On another note, I was thinking about adding a tab for outfits etc. Let me know what you think!  

Also I was this to be a tell all blogg, so if there are any questions on anything (literally), just ask away. 

Have a super evening!