10 Signs That He Is Just Not That Into You

We have all been there - too blind to admit that the guy that we are falling for is in fact a f***boy. Even though you consider yourself to be a smart and independent woman, that makes good choices - most of the time, you give the BEST guy/dating advice to your friends (yet never follow it when it comes to yourself). Here you are, questioning your whole life, stalking guys on all the social media platforms possible - looking for clues, reading horoscopes and listening to sad love songs, wasting most of your day thinking just because you can't tell whether he likes you or not! And you don't understand why he just can't come out and tell you if he does or if he doesn't - no matter how many time you've asked him the question. 

Girl! I am right there with you! We have all been in those situations. It's super frustrating - I know - but you can't expect too much from the opposite that matures slower than females. It's not their fault - it's just in their DNA. Sorry Guys.... 

So before you waste your time reading this article, if your guy is giving you mixed signals or you feel the need to Google whether or not he is in to you then I would probably advice you to RUN... Nothing healthy is going to come from that relationship. I have put together some signs that will be red flags that show that he is just not that into you... 

1. He needs constant attention.

At first you might find the constant need for attention cute, if not flattering. But as time goes by you will start to notice that the attention does not only need to be from you, but that he is looking for attention from everyone. You should probably start asking yourself whether he actually likes you or if he is just feeding off of you. 

2. He is open to you about other women.

When he starts telling you about the other women in his life: DO NOT start thinking that he is so honest and that you have to respect that - because you do not have to. The reality is that men bring up other women to emphasise on the fact that they are just not that serious about you. Kind of letting you down slowly - that your fantasies will never come true - but nor will the fantasies of the other girls. He is just seeking for attention.. 

3. He keeps texting/DMing/messaging other women.

It is quit simple, if he is into you, if he likes you he will cherish the time you spend together and will not attempt to jeopardise it by talking to other women. Simple right? If the list of women is long that he is talking to just shows that he is insecure and needy. Decide whether you want to  date a boy or go find yourself a man. 

4. He doesn't ask about your day.

Another simple fact: if he is into you, he will want to know more about you. He will check in on you and be curious as to how you are feeling. If he does not check in on you - then he is obviously putting no effort into getting to know you. And over time you notice that all of the conversations are light and brief - then step away. 


5. He never talks about his day.

If he does not open up to you, or share any personal information with you - then pack up your belongings and leave. If he has only shared with you the bare minimum (where he is from, what he does for a living, and other useless little details and you can easily find after 5 minutes of internet stalking) then he is probably not that into you. 

6. He takes way too long to answer or get back to you.

If when you spend time together, just the two of you, and he is always on his phone - answering messages, checking Instagram or Facebook, yet, when you text him it always takes him ages to respond... Time to re-think? 

If he never calls you back or answers your messages or it takes hours or maybe even days - even if promises that he will. He is definitely not that into you. 

If he is always too busy to hangout, but always seems to find time for his friends, constantly cancels plans with you last minute, blows you off when you make plans or never sets specific dates and times on when to meet, he is not that into you. If everything is on his terms - then you are a last resort and you are worth more than that. 

7. You are always contacting him first.

If you always feel the need to message him first, because if you do not you feel like you will never speak again, then he is clearly not that invested in you or the relationship. So don't start thinking that you are needy - because you aren't. It is normal that when two people like each other and are in a relationship (or "relationship") you want to talk to one another! 

8. The 2 a.m. 'booty-call' texts.

This is probably the reddest flag, if there was one. Another super easy sign that shows that he is too dumb to appreciate how amazing you are. I mean, if it walks like a pig, then it probably is my EX, sorry I mean pig. PIG. If he is not taking you out on dates, and making effort to see you during the day, if he is not introducing you to his friends and he always calls you at night after 2 a.m. (if there is something that How I Met Your Mother, and almost every night out, taught us is that nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m.). He is just not that into you. 

9. He doesn't reciprocate in bed.

If a guy is all me, me, me in bed. LEAVE! 

10. You're always wondering.

Cutting it short. If he wanted to be with you, he would find the time to be with you. If he is into you, he will make it abundantly clear to you that you are the girl for him. When a man likes a woman, he will do anything to catch her attention. So please stop making excuses for all these pathetic little boys that are running around playing with your hears - because you are worth so much more than that. And the perfect guy is out there and when you find him, you will look back at all of this and laugh that you ever let yourself get treated like this! 

Please step away from these disasters before your self-esteem goes down the drain because that is one tough cookie to get back once it is gone! So do not let it go that far! Do not make someone your priority when you are only an option to them.