If you love someone, should you really let them go?

I’ve talked a lot about love, and that will never change. 

This blog is something of a private story of me finding love as well as it is everyday problems for girls and young women in todays world. 

And in the course of this blog I’ve been single and had relationships and then gone back to being single again. 

But the ageing quote that states “if you love something, let it go - and if it is meant to be the love will find its way back”, is this actually correct?! 

How can something that initiates space and distance between two people then create a love that is stronger than what it was before the space was created? 

Does missing someone make you love them more? Because then a long distance relationship would be the answer.. But then temptation will be in the way. 

I am built up in a way that I fall in love easily. I believe in these fairytale endings and I want it so much that I fall in love. And I have not had a great deal of luck in the boyfriend department… I mean I am still single. But for some odd reason most of these ex’s that I have - the relationships have ended because I am, apparently, too much to take in… So their go to line has been give the relationship some space and we will see what happens. I mean I protest in the beginning but in the end desperation is the most unflattering outfit a girl/woman can wear. 


The funny thing is that when I start living my life, and start moving on these BOYS creep their way into my life again.

It is never as obvious as a “I want you back” text, OR (what would be better) “I was wrong”, I have had one of my ex’s say that breaking up with me was the biggest mistake he’s made - but he had already been friend-zoned by that time so it doesn’t count. 

No, I have gotten small hints, that all of a sudden they want to talk again, FaceTime, advice, or just small reminders of you know ‘what could have been’ or ‘remember me’ momentums. 

I warn guys about this… Every woman should know their worth, and that the man they like will NEVER get better than them (can I get an AMEN). Will guys listen? No… They will leave, they will go live their lives, but guess what!? So will you. 

I guess there could be exceptions to the story like breaks… Please make the break clear before you go on one so that you don’t end up in a Ross and Rachel scenario when you slept with someone else and then have to justify if as “WE WERE ON A BREAK”.


The moral of the story is that if someone is stupid enough to let you go - let them go - but do not take them back when they come running. You deserve better.